A Writer’s Journey Continues

As I near the moment I type “End.” on the first draft of my first novel and anticipate it’s tedious editing phase, along with starting book II of the trilogy, I find my thoughts wandering back through my experience of thousands of words.

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Was It All I Expected It Would Be?

Yes and no.

Yes, I’m elated to find the excitement of each completed chapter, never dulled. I know when I complete chapter eighteen tomorrow (which may likely be a chapter well into the twenty’s or thirty’s following edits), my sense of accomplishment and joy in it’s completion will be as equal as when I did the same, back at chapter one.

Yes, I found finding the words to describe the story, as it played out in my mind’s eye, challenging to overcome, as I knew it would be. I want the reader to feel as my characters feel. When they feel they are emotionally raw…I want my reader just as emotionally spent. And when my character is horny…yes, I want my reader on their edge.

No! No, I did not consider it would be a well spent investment of time. Wow, was I wrong! I seriously thought I would spend months of writing, only to stop (again), and have another unfinished attempt. But this time was different for me. This time, every word generated in every moment spent writing, wasn’t solely for my own self-gratification…it was to be read.

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Writing To Be Read

I’m of the opinion (meaning…don’t be offended, please) that there are two types of writers:

The Jotter…

This writer loves to write, loves words, and loves to see their imagination expressed in print. They get a beaming sense of pride in every story they write, and are satisfied with it “one-day” being discovered. They write for themselves. For their own joy.

The Author…

This writer also loves to write, may or may not be deeply in admiration of words, and usually also loves to see their stories spread across printed pages. They have enormous pride in their creations, but differ in a way, that they push forward and “get it out there”. Not so much for their own gratification (they do get that, just the same), but to reach a reader. Maybe to share in an experience or open another world. Possibly to educate or even keep the reader company in a time of crisis or need. Regardless, the author writes to reach the reader. They write books, blogs, posts, tweets…they simply write. They write to be read.

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Making The Change

So, as I continue in my journey as a writer, I find myself growing as I move along in the experience and find myself more of a giving person. Somewhere along the path, I changed, and think of how my characters can touch the hearts and emotions of others. I still write for myself, don’t misunderstand. But today, it’s not my gratification I’m seeking.

I’m seeking yours.


A new day is a new story…look for it life.

Gloria Elle Gabrie


Share your experience in writing in the comments. Bring the good, bad and the ugly. For with every experience, is growth.

One thought on “A Writer’s Journey Continues

  1. Looks like the characters were hanging on to you and not letting go. Their story had to be finished and you were the one they chose.

    Hint: Before you edit find beta readers. You need a fresh pair of eyes. You need to step away.


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