For The Love of Books


Why Do Writers Write?

I believe there are a number of correct answers to this question, but there is one that I think falls on most of their lists…For the love of books. Which essentially means, writers are readers.

Reading while Writing

Honestly, since I’ve been writing full time, I’ve noticed I read even more! Not just rereading what I wrote the day before or editing a short story. I mean, I read other writings more today, than I ever have.

Here’s my daily reading list, not counting my own work:

  • Researching techniques, styles, layouts, and for my poor vocabulary…word substitution.
  • Best practices, inspiration and our beloved blogs.
  • What other writers are writing, and most importantly, what stories have already been told.

Read the genre you are writing…before you write.

I can’t stress this enough. Read other authors. Read what stories have already gotten published and what others have already read.

This should be a part of your story line research. Research your genre. Here is why:

  • Be sure you’re not repeating a story. Publishers won’t want it and it’s a sure rejection on a publishing deal.
  • Evolve and allow your stories to evolve. If everything you write sounds the same in tone and nature, getting a series or multiple writings out there will be difficult.

Books are important. I said it.

No matter the genre, no matter the topic. That printed book is a treasure. Yeah, yeah, yeah…Kindle rocks it in being sleek, audio books are super for long drives and you can’t take your eyes off the road. There is a huge market for the non printed book, I agree.

But what happens when the power is out and technology is down? (Ever have that bad snow storm that snaps lines or the hurricane that that thought it was an eraser and tried taking your town out?) The written pages are still there.

What happens when servers crash and backups lost? The pages between the covers remain.

As decades pass and interpretations mingle? The original words remain long after.

What have you read lately that has either inspired you or simply brought you the pleasure of reading? Why do you read?

One thought on “For The Love of Books

  1. For me novels have become study guides much more than how to books. Back in the early 90’s I read Stephen Kings IT. When I turned the last page I felt like I knew these people. He created a connection with the reader which is exactly what we’re trying to do.

    IT is one of many books I use to study the connection between character and reader. I’ve always felt our favorite novels serve as a much better guide than books teaching us how to write.


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