Is your space for creativity working for you?

Or is it making you work?

I hadn’t truly given this much thought, until one of my neighbors walked inside our condo and said, “Oh, you have your office in the dinning area.”

Do I really?

I have what one might consider an ‘office’, but what I think of as a ‘writing space’, precisely between the kitchen and dinning spaces. On top of the bar table, at the kitchen pass-thru opening, to be exact.

How did I get here?

Reflecting back on the past nine months of writing (mainly on one novel, until recently, but I’ll touch on that in another blog), I’ve relocated my ‘office’ space four times.



A spare room. A spare space. An ideal setup. I had it made! My own personal space to write my own personal imagination. I woke up every morning, seen the family off, and to my room I went. Some days were better than others in productivity, but it was productivity nonetheless. But as the hours ticked by and the days rolled past, I wasn’t enjoying writing. It felt like a job. It was work. Not how I envisioned it to be.



Most of us have one, had one, or are pondering on creating one. It was spacious. It was open. It was in a corner, with my back to the world, suffering of brain sprain when I tried to force words from my head. By the end of the day, I felt like a punished toddler, and dreaded revisiting the corner the next day. Not for me.



What could be better than a writing space right where you sleep? Right? I moved a small desk in front of the sliding doors, that provided a view of the lanai and some outdoors. It was a cute space, and I have remnants of it today (see #4). But it was cramped and uncomfortable to position myself for using the laptop or even a note book. Heaven forbid I wanted to use both, together. The crampness had me cranky at times, and that’s never good in a bedroom. Especially for an erotica writer. Not only did my writing suffer, so did my libido and man.



Seriously? Yes! I relocated my ‘office’ to a built-in bar top, exactly between the kitchen and dinning space, right at the pass-thru hole in the wall. The hanging wine glass rack hovering above my head, while I sit (or stand) to type or write, and not an ounce of space for a bottle of wine or whiskey. (Don’t fret…the wine cooler and mini bar were put where my ‘office’ previously occupied. See #3.) Here, I can write, pace, cook (another joy of mine), and write a blog. It’s easily accessible for when the idea for a scene hits me and I want to jot it down before I forget, or simply write it all out. It gives me flexibility. And my feet! I’ve discovered I like standing and writing. Bonus – it has health benefits.

While I’m sure there are some reading this and shaking their head no, for now, it’s working for me. But who knows, next month I might take over the bathroom if ideas keep flowing while I’m sitting and dropping the little turds off at the pool.


Where or how do you write most frequently? Have you considered if it works for you, or is it making you work?


A new day is a new story…look for it life.

Gloria Elle Gabrie


2 thoughts on “Is your space for creativity working for you?

  1. Here’s a question for you: Do you have more success in one area than you do the other?

    I have what my wife calls the Man’s Den. It’s my little corner of the house. Complete with personal gym, giant TV, computer, perfect desk. It’s the best but for reasons I cannot explain the creativity doesn’t work.

    I do all of my work at the kitchen table. I have to sit with my right facing the deck, rain or shine. I wrote my first book at that table and I’m writing the next one in the same spot.

    Keep an eye out for creativity and the places you go. Some work, some don’t.


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