The Journey Begins

I have always admired writers and their ability to tell stories. I’ve enjoyed a love for reading since I was a young girl, (yes, I’m hinting I’m not on the youthful end of the maturity slide), and have recently gotten the opportunity to chase a dream of writing. A dream to tell the stories that have been bottled up in my thoughts, dreams, and life experiences.

I am joyously working on the first book of a series, and I can do this with much thanks to the man in life. My attempts to writing previously all ended in getting just a few chapters in, and then *poof*, life got in the way and the files were lost, deleted, or crashed. Writing, today, is my life. I’m fortunate.

Here I hope to share in my experiences as I step further in chasing my dream. In just a short time, I’ve discovered just how much work goes into creating that story that has you falling in love with the characters, or wishing they’d fall in a steaming pile of elephant dung. (Typically, I would have chosen entirely differently wording…but we’ll save my colorful dialogue for story time.) I also hope to learn from others, possibly you, on the do’s and don’t’s of becoming an author, an inspiration, a dream catcher.

A new day is a new story…look for it in life.

Gloria Elle Gabrie

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton


One thought on “The Journey Begins

  1. You are right, it is a journey and this is the first step. It’s hard work and you will probably wonder what you have gotten yourself in to but when it ends it will be one of the best experiences you’ve ever had.

    Best wishes.


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